7 Crucial Questions You Must Ask Your Next Real Estate Agent

One of the most important things to do when buying a new home, is to make sure the real estate agent you work with is qualified, skilled, and is the one person you can count on to help you find the home of your dreams. 

To help you along the way, I’ve put together a list of 7 questions anyone who wants to help you find the perfect home must be able to correctly answer. And because real estate isn’t a multiple-choice test, all of the answers are below. 

You might be wondering who I am… and exactly what qualifies me to critique prospective real estate agents. 

My name is Ray Rice. I work with my wife, Joy, and the rest of The Luxe Team to help homeowners just like you to buy and sell homes.  

Collectively, we have more than 112 years of experience. 
We’ve seen the best of the best real estate agents, as well as some we wish had less responsibility in their everyday lives—especially their work lives.

So keep reading… find out if your real estate agent deserves the chance to help you find your dream home.

1. Do you have lots of verified reviews or are you a legend in your own mind?

Some of the most powerful indicators of the quality of the service provided by a real estate agent is not what the real estate agent says about themselves. What others have to say speaks louder and more forcefully than anything a real estate agent can come up with. 

In just the last year alone, clients have left over 100 reviews on our Zillow profile page. Our reviews are overwhelmingly positive, honest, direct, and—real. 

2. Do you sell luxury homes or do you focus on homes at the lower end of the price spectrum?

Luxury homes are unlike other homes on the market. This is true of price, build quality, features and amenities, and a thousand other variables. It takes a specific set of skills and attributes to successfully sell luxury homes, not to mention specialized training.

All of us at The Luxe Team (“luxe” is French for luxury) have taken the time to immerse ourselves in the luxury real estate market. We know which neighborhoods are in demand. We know the value of these properties. And we can have honest, direct conversations about the amenities you care about the most. 

3. Have you done a lot of real estate transactions or will I be a huge part of your on the job training program?

The decision about which real estate agent should help you with the purchase of your new home is a serious one. If you’ll only buy 2 or 3 homes in your lifetime, shouldn’t you have an experienced, qualified, competent, real estate agent in your corner? The Luxe Team has countless real estate transactions under our belts. We completed 93 real estate transactions in 2015 alone. 

4. Do you have a foolproof plan that can help me to find a home even when inventory is tight?

We’ve been through several different market cycles with The Luxe Team. Even when inventory is low, we refuse to yield to what a computer tells us about inventory availability. We search high and low for inventory, doing everything we can to give you options for homes to buy, regardless of how many before us have tried and failed to find your dream home. 

Even though we can’t wave a wand and produce hundreds of listings in a tight market, we do have systems in place that consistently help us to work our magic for our clients: 

  • Continually work on a network of connections that give us insight into properties that may be coming on the market soon
  • Stay active in community organizations that put us in touch with high net worth individuals who may be looking to sell
  • Developed a marketing funnel that actively seeks real estate listings through a variety of advertising channels
  • Strive to always have listings that are about to come on the market, which can give our client’s an inside track on new listings just before they hit the market 
  • Have the ability to instantly send a message to more than 640 area agents letting them know the specifics of the kind of home you need
  • Go door to door within neighborhoods that meet your need and ask homeowners if they would be willing to sell
  • Employ a team of talented telemarketers to call the owners of homes with features you want, in neighborhoods you’d like to live in, to open a conversation about possibly selling their home to you

We’re hard-wired to give clients as many options as possible when they are searching for a home. It takes work and attention to detail, but I’m proud of our track record of helping people find the home of their dreams. 

5. Have you committed yourself to real estate on a full-time basis or does another job compete for your attention?

Every member of The Luxe Team is working here on a full-time basis. We do not hire part-time or inexperienced real estate agents.  You deserve to have a real estate agent who can be available to meet with you to view properties, negotiate sales, and close transactions with reasonable notice.  I believe that the best course of action for professional real estate agents is to make themselves available to their clients… and to always, always give their best effort… not what is left over after another part-time job.

6. Are you a skilled, well-trained, tough negotiator?

Real estate negotiation is a learned skill, one that takes training, talent, and a great deal of dedication to do well.  The entire  Team here has received advanced negotiation training. This ensures that when we are negotiating on your behalf, you’ll get our best efforts as we tenaciously negotiate a deal that is in your best interests.  

7. Can you guarantee that I’ll find a home to buy?

Here’s my promise to you: Everyone at The Luxe Team will put forth their best efforts in helping you to find the home of your dreams. And this includes all of the marketing efforts we undertake to proactively find as many quality listings as possible, some of which haven't yet made it into the MLS. I’ll go one further than a promise. I’ll put my money where my mouth is. 

The Luxe Team Love it or Lump it 200% Commission Guarantee: I guarantee that you’ll love the new home you buy through The Luxe Team. And I promise that you’ll continue loving it on the day we close… and for 90 days after closing. If for any reason within 90 days of closing you find that you aren’t feeling the love for your new home, simply give me a call to let me know. We’ll re-list your home on the MLS with absolutely no commission due on The Luxe Team side of the transaction… and refund to you 100% of the commission we received when you bought your house through us. 

If you are ready to list your current home or find your new dream home with one of our premier agents, give us a call at 214-662-5055.

Ray Rice,The Luxe Team @ Keller Williams Southlake

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