Fire Us Anytime - The Luxe Easy Exit Plan

Mark read the official-looking document he held in his hands, then nervously glanced at his wife, Joan. She raised her eyebrows slightly toward her husband as if to say, “Not so fast.” The real estate agent, sensing Mark and Joan’s hesitation quickly said, “It’s nothing really. Just a little form spelling out what I’ll be doing for you as I sell your home.”

Pointing to a couple of spots he said, “If you’ll just sign there and there, we can begin the process of getting your home sold.” 

Mark cleared his throat and said, “Before we sign, we have questions.”

It was the real estate agent’s turn to be nervous.

“What kind of questions?”

This scene—or one just like it—plays out daily somewhere in America. The reason is simple: While the decision to sell your home is a big one, it is normal to get a little nervous about signing agreements. 

Why is it that people tend to get jittery when it is time to sign representation agreements? And can anything be done about it?

Fear of the Unknown Causes Hesitation

Just about everyone has purchased a car from an auto dealership—including you. You know and understand the process:

  • An eager sales agent will greet you within moments of getting out of your car
  • He or she will ask you some questions, then you’ll go through the process of finding the right vehicle
  • Once you select one, the sales agent will quickly write up an offer sheet that you’ll be asked to initial (or sign)
  • Then the real games begin—your sales agent runs back and forth between you and an unseen “boss” who serves a single function: to extract as much money out of you as possible while making you feel as if you’ve gotten an incredible deal 

By the time you leave the dealership, you’re mentally and physically drained… and possibly feel as if you’ve been taken advantage of. Buying a car is a process you understand. You don’t necessarily like it… but you understand it. 

Therefore, it is understandable that you assume similar shenanigans will take place when selling your home. In your mind, being asked to sign a scary looking contract or agreement confirms it. And we tend to reject (or be suspicious of) things we don’t understand. 

Signing Doesn’t Have to be Scary 

At The Luxe Team, we understand that selling your home can be a little nerve-wracking. Since most of us aren’t attorneys, agreements are a little scary. So it’s perfectly natural to wonder what you’re signing. 

The State of Texas regulates the sale of real estate. In order to protect your interests, the law requires that consumers—in this case, you—to see a document that clearly explains the conditions under which your real estate agent will help you to sell your home. This agreement spells out things like:

  • The date the agreement is effective
  • The fiduciary responsibility your real estate agent has to protect your interests
  • Documentation of any special arrangements worked out between you and your real estate agent
  • Any commissions to be paid when your home sells
  • The date or circumstances under which the agreement ends 

This agreement does something else, too: it can head problems off at the pass before they become problems. 

Some Luxe Team clients are still a little nervous about signing an agreement designed to help them. The reason is simple: What if they change their mind? What if they’re unhappy with their real estate agent? 

This is why we have an innovative solution to these very real concerns…

Introducing The Luxe Team Easy Exit Listing Guarantee 

The Luxe Team wants to help you sell your home. We have proven systems in place that can get your home sold faster—at a higher price—than other real estate agencies. 

But we only deserve the privilege of helping you sell your home if you’re thrilled with us and the job we’re doing for you. We believe you should be able to fire us if we fail to live up to your expectations. It is for this reason that we created The Luxe Team Easy Exit Listing Guarantee. Here’s how it works:

Give us a chance to sell your home. If for any reason we fail to meet your expectations, give us a call to let us know where we’re falling short. Then give us 7 short days to meet your standards. If we are unable to find a way to meet or exceed your expectations of us, we don’t deserve your business. If this happens, simply send a signed fax to (817) 251-1522 or email to [email protected] demanding an unconditional release. We will then send you—within 24 hours—a copy of the MLS data sheet showing the withdrawn status of your listing.

There are only two exceptions: We can’t withdraw your listing if you’ve accepted an offer or there are pending negotiations. However, if an accepted offer falls through or deal negotiations break off for any reason, we will cheerfully withdraw your listing and wish you the best as you move on to another real estate agent.

The Luxe Team Promise: Your Satisfaction is Paramount 

Your satisfaction is of utmost important to all of us at The Luxe Team. We’re bold in our commitment to sell your home… and brash in our guarantee that we have to deliver the goods on a daily basis earn… or we don’t deserve your business.  

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