Why We Do What We Do: America’s Mighty Warriors and Alasso Ranch

The Luxe Team likes to have fun. A lot of fun. We really get into the business side of life - helping our clients to buy and sell real estate. We love exceeding client expectations.

But there’s much more to business than just real estate.

Especially when you stop to consider that life has gotten real for people like Debbie Lee. You might not know who she is, but you will.

Debbie is the mother of Navy SEAL Marc Lee, the first SEAL to make the ultimate sacrifice in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Marc died in a fierce firefight in Ramadi, Iraq, on August 2, 2006.

If you’ve watched the movie American Sniper, you saw a reenactment of Marc’s death and the valor with which he sacrificed his life.

Marc was posthumously awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star with Valor, as well as a Purple Heart.

Marc’s mom, Debbie, was understandably devastated. 

But instead of hating her way through the unbelievable pain of losing her son, she turned towards the good. Debbie formed the support group America’s Mighty Warriors because she wanted to help injured service members and the families of service members killed in action to recover and to receive vital services such as counseling.

During this time, Debbie partnered with Alasso Ranch—on an annual basis—to bring to Alasso Ranch injured service members and the families of service members who had made the ultimate sacrifice for a one week retreat.

It warms our hearts to see how Debbie Lee was able to turn towards the good by focusing on the needs of others.

And it opened our eyes to some of the incredible work that Alasso Ranch is doing to make life better for those it serves.

More importantly, it got us thinking. About what we’re doing, why we are here, and what we ought to be doing.

The reality is, beyond real estate, we serve a larger purpose… and a higher power.

Our faith plays a role in everything we do - from the way we interact with clients to the way we treat our fellow citizens on the street.

Maybe you’re into faith; maybe you’re not. Regardless, you can understand that each and every one of us is motivated to good… for one reason or another.

What We Do That Keeps Us Moving Towards the Good

Each and every member of the The Luxe Team has embraced our greater good… and this all came about when we realized that there are lots of local kids who don’t get to experience much good in their lives—beyond the daily grind of survival.

A chance encounter opened our eyes to the reality that lots of kids spend their summers on the streets… and have never gotten a chance to have fun away from the urban sprawl that is their daily existence.

It’s easy for us to get swept up in our daily lives—meeting new people, getting deals done, and all the rest that comes from living lives (mostly) away from the challenges faced on a daily basis by those not blessed with “plenty”.

When we noticed what was going on, we wanted to help.

The question is, what could we as a team do to help kids? And what would be the best use of our resources to help the biggest number of kids possible?

The Luxe Team Plan for Moving Towards the Good

After much thought and deliberation, we discovered that most disadvantaged kids have their basic needs covered. But there was a gaping whole in their ability to get away from the city even for a short time.

This is where The Luxe Team Summer Camp Program comes in. The reality is, while these kids (for the most part) have their daily needs met, the concept of summer camp is foreign to them.

We refuse to collectively shrug our shoulders and say, “That’s a shame. And it’s too bad…”

There are massive problems facing our society. It would be easy to think that there isn’t much we can do about it. After all, summer camp is an expensive proposition that is beyond the means of many.

We disagree. We can do a lot. It begins by helping one kid at a time with scholarships that will help them to experience summer camp just like so many other kids. 

The Luxe Team’s Allaso Ranch Solution: One Kid at a Time

You may not know it but area kids can experience an incredible summer camp through an innovative program available at Allaso Ranch.

Imagine countless kids being able to:

  • Feel the sheer exhilaration of the wind rushing through their hair as they rush down a zip line course at warp speed
  • Experience the joys of horseback riding
  • Take unending rides on Lazy River and enjoy a professional-grade water park
  • See what it is like to stay in a luxurious lodge-style facility
  • Enjoy healthy, nutritious meals lovingly prepared by trained staff

This is fun on an epic level—for any kid. But when you consider that many of the kids served by Allaso Ranch have never gotten a chance to spend substantial time in a beautiful setting amidst the beauty and splendor of nature, this is a very big deal for the kids we can help.

Building on the Good with… Even More Good

In addition to the financial challenges in enabling disadvantaged kids to participate in Allaso Ranch’s innovative programs is a lack of adequate space for potential campers. As a result, we also want to to help Allaso Ranch to expand their dormitory space which will enable even more kids to attend.

How We Send Kids to Allaso Ranch for Summer Camp

The Luxe Team wants to do our part to enable disadvantaged youth to experience the thrills and joys of summer camp. So we’re opening our wallets. 

The Luxe Team donates at least $500 from every closed transaction to the programs at Allaso Ranch. This will help Allaso Ranch to expand their programs so that no kid will ever be deprived of an incredible summer camp experience because of an inability to pay.

While there’s a long way to go, these donations add up and have already helped. In time, even more kids will be helped through the programs of Allaso Ranch… which will help us in our mission of helping more to the greater good.

The Greater Good is About People: The Luxe Team is Here to Serve

As you can see, The Luxe Team is in much more than the real estate business. We believe we are in the people business.

And we want to help as many as possible!

If you have a moment, check out this video so you can see the Allaso Ranch in action. You’ll be glad you did!

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