Winning the Negotiation Game: Understanding Your Luxe Ad-vantage

“Basketball!” a tall kid of about 12 yelled. “We’re playing basketball.”

“Basketball is for sissies,” the other one growled. “We’re playing football… the only sport real men play.”

“There’s a reason the pros only play about 85 games. That’s all they can handle,”

It went back and forth like this for about 5 minutes. The boys traded insults. They threatened each other. They both tried to force the other to see things the other’s way.

I just wanted to eat my lunch. The park was on the way.

Just when I thought things were about to turn violent, the tall one pulled a rabbit out of his hat. 

“Let’s play basketball first, then we’ll play football. And I won’t make you apologize for calling basketball stupid or for what you said about my sister.”

“Deal,” the short one said. “But you’d better play football like you promised… or else.”

This isn’t just another example of adolescence in America. It’s also a teaching moment about negotiation. 

Negotiation is serious business.

This was just a little story about youth sports. It’s even more important when we start talking about something as serious as real estate, where the currency being traded isn’t adolescent pride and bragging rights, but the real high stakes treasure of property and huge sums of cash. 

Real Estate Negotiation = High Stakes

Real estate negotiation is a high stakes process. Think about it: thousands of dollars—sometimes much more—is at stake. The tiniest slip-up can ruin weeks’ worth of work… in the blink of an eye.

How The Luxe Team Approaches Negotiations

Here at The Luxe Team, we understand the importance of negotiation… and we have a proven system in place for giving your deal its best chance of success. Instead of relying on chance, we use ACCE Negotiation Methodology best practices developed by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute as a framework for the way every member of The Luxe Team handles each negotiation situation we encounter. 

Successful Negotiation is Detective Work—We’re the ‘Private Eyes’ to Get You Results

Here’s the secret to our success: we treat negation a little differently depending on the situation. This is because our role can vary. Sometimes we act as Buyer’s Representatives; in other cases we are Seller’s Representatives.

Regardless of the role we play in a transaction, our job is the same: to protect your best interests at each stage of the negotiation process (and throughout the deal).

We approach negotiations almost like a detective approaches an investigation, keeping in mind that special circumstances can impact negotiations in surprising ways. The ACCE Method that  we use has been vital to our clients’ success through the years.

Here is our process in a nutshell:

  • Accumulate information and anticipate the wants/needs of the other side
  • Create value
  • Claim value
  • Execute contract

By taking the time to gather information early on, we are in a much better position to negotiate intelligently… and win when the chips are down. We aren’t really private detectives… but the results we get for our clients say we could be.

You Want to Win in Your Next Transaction? Here’s How…

Gathering information and embracing our roles as defacto “deal detectives” enables The Luxe Team to create winning situations by:

  • Anticipating issues that could come up ahead of time so we can respond accordingly
  • Understanding the cultural and generational issues that can impact deals
  • Uncovering the issues and interests most important to the other side
  • Taking advantage of what we learn by structuring deal combinations that are more likely to succeed
  • Getting the accepted terms into writing so that both sides are happy with the result
  • Following through on contingencies and other contractural issues to make sure the deal closes—on time, as agreed

The Luxe Team: Your Negotiating Advantage

There’s a lot on the line as we negotiate your deal. It makes sense that you would want to put the experience and the battle-tested professionals of The Luxe Team to work for you on your next deal.

To learn more about how The Luxe Team can help you to gain a competitive advantage, give use a call today at (214) 662-5055.

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